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Good afternoon Parents/students, This is to inform you that school will follow Normal timings from Tuesday(18.06.2024). Nursery: 8:20am - 12 Noon, LKG: 8:20am - 12:15pm, UKG: 8:20am - 1:00pm, Classes I & II: 8:20am-1:30pm, Classes III-XII:8:20am - 2:30pm. Thank you. || CLICK HERE for 1st Weekly Test Time Table || ROWING CHAMPIONSHIP 2024

St Paul's Boarding & Day School, Kidderpore

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LOGO: The School Logo represents the Paulite vision of education that aims for an integrated and holistic formation of every child who steps into this temple of learning. We also endeavour to develop them into upright individuals imbued with love for God and compassion for others, loyal citizens whose highest purpose is to contribute generously to the building up of a better nation.

LAMP: Signifies liberation from engulfing darkness of ignorance & usher in a luminescence of knowledge and wisdom.

CROSS OF CHRIST: Emblem of the Daughters of the Cross a veritable symbol of Love, Joy & Peace, unending source of inspiration for our Foundress Blessed Marie Therese Haze whose life of self-denial was solely designed to serve humanity.

MOTTO: Light that illuminates and wipes out the darkness, stagnancy and vacuity, equips each child who enter the portal of St. Paul's Boarding & Day School to develop and discover their innate power, to be touched by the eternal light of God and reveal the divine glory, become a source of hope and renewal to family, society and world.


Our voices we raise
To honour and praise,
The School we will love, to the end of our days
Loyal and Faithful, true to its cause,
We will strive for the Glory of St. Paul's.
Cho: God bless St. Paul's
God bless St. Paul's
Bless staff and students
Within its walls,
Wisdom and courage
Strength of mind and heart
To each and everyone in part,
Be where we may, at work or at play
We'll uphold and abide what we do or say,
Now and forever, to it we renown
For we will never, never let it down.

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KOLKATTA - 700 023
West Bengal, India


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